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raising the fifth horseman of the apocalypse

just another wine country adventure.

We have a demon bebe, and his name is @baloo.thesweetboy

Who knew the harbinger of doom, the plague, murder hornets, fires, hurricanes, et al., would be so darn cute?

I mean look at him, those bright puppy dog eyes, silky soft ears, pink tongue, and cute little button nose.

And... those unusually large, very white TEETH. Socks tremble and stuffies whimper when he comes into a room. Bones crack and sticks splinter when he gets to chompin'. Demon bebe.

When he comes in for a cuddle and a snooze, he brings with him a 1,000 btu's, a furnace of such proportion it could only be forged from the deepest reaches of hell. Oh, and did I mention the nipples? He has 13. Demon bebe.

He can sit, stay, and settle. He knows a trick or three and will shut the back door for a cheese. Need a small bus pulled across town? Have a tractor stuck in the mud? He is as strong as a horse at a tenth of the size. Demon bebe.

If the four horsemen of the apocalypse are Plague, Riot, Famine, and Death, then he is Storm. A force of nature unleashed on the world that means neither good nor ill, but is in his tornado of JOY he leaves a bruise or two. But, all because he wants to be closer to you. Sweetest little demon bebe ever.

So you may ask, what wine do you pair with raising the fifth horseman? Well, something sinister but bubbly. Something from Luc’s Vineyard (a vineyard that survived the 2017 fires). Something that has been to hell and back, and the site of Baloo’s first harvest as a wee pup in 2019 when he was rather fond of eating rocks. Yes, eating them, swallowing them whole, and not tiny pebbles mind you, but rocks the size of grapes and small limes. Demon behavior for sure.

This dark bubbly is coming soon, and the pink is ready to go now. But, I'm pairing today's ominous sky with Luc's Vineyard Syrah, light and peppery with just a touch of brimstone and blackberry.

This little hell hound agrees :)

Did I mention cute? He is the cutiest cutie that ever cuted in cute town. Demon bebe.

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