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The Juice

Thank you for all the good times! It was an amazing 20 years. New adventures are on the horizon! We hope to see you down the road...

On wine and winemaking... a study in refined rebellion

Wine is the marrying of art, nature, and science. 


No other beverage evokes emotion, promotes mystery, and inspires the mad, as does wine. It has been the subject of much pontification and many millennia of debates, wooing and cajoling its way through the margins of history books.


Winemaking is a flirtatious dance with mother nature, sometimes you dance the night away, sometimes you have two left feet, but she always leads.


Our approach to winemaking is simple and honest. There are many styles of winemaking, from by the numbers to hands off, and most all will make a damn fine glass of wine. In whatever you do, at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Did I do the best I could?" We like to answer, "Yes."

  • We begin in the vineyard, acting as stewards of the land to ensure the health of the soil and the vine. At veraison, we drop the second crop so the vine can send its energy to the first crop to build flavors and aromas. We walk the rows often to smell and taste the ripening fruit, relying on our senses to determine harvest dates.

  • After harvesting and sorting clusters by hand, fermentation goes along slowly and naturally. The red grapes ferment in small open top bins, with punch downs occurring by hand many times a day. Once the red grapes have completed fermentation, we gently press using a basket press. The white grapes go straight to the basket press and then the grape juice is transferred to either stainless steel or neutral oak barrels to ferment.

  • The wine ages in neutral oak or stainless steel barrels to rest and mature, allowing the flavors of the vineyard and the unique summer profile to take center stage, rather than overpowering the wine with the seasoning of a toasty new barrel. The wines are gravity racked according to lunar cycles, until being sent to bottle unfiltered and unfined.

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