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A Toast to New Beginnings and Bottling our 20th Vintage

Celebrating Two Decades of Wine Adventures

The year is buzzing with excitement, and we've got some grape-stompingly good news to share. The highlight of the season has been bottling our 20th vintage—what an incredible journey it's been! From a youthful duo scraping together dollars from restaurant tip jars to get our first vintage going, to now, we've come a long way, and we couldn't have done it without your unwavering support.

Recently, we captured the final Sheldon Wines into bottle. This includes the 2022 Grenache and 2022 Graciano from Lucs Vineyard, and our Old Vine Petite Sirah 2022 (formerly known as 'Weatherly Cuvee', and 'Red Hat'). The groundbreaking 2009 Tawny Port, based on a Graciano-Cabernet blend, was bottled alongside our final release of the cherished 20-year-old 2003 Tawny Port. Time has flown, but every sip still carries the essence of our beginnings. From our hearts to your wine glasses—thank you!

Venturing into New Terroirs: Cobble Hill Winery

But wait, there's more! I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted the position of Senior Winemaker at the upcoming Cobble Hill Winery on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The place is undergoing a facelift, and plans are in motion to expand its vineyards. The location sits at the 48.5th parallel, presenting a unique "winemaking on the fringes" challenge that I simply couldn't pass up.

Why, you ask? Cool-climate vineyards have always enchanted me, and now I have the creative freedom to make aromatic, crisp, low-alcohol, food-friendly, wines that encapsulate their unique terroir. The spirit of Sheldon Wines will continue to pervade this new northern chapter, as we expand our horizons, push boundaries, and adapt to this fresh, uncharted territory. While Cobble Hill Winery may be the name on the bottle, the essence is all Sheldon Wines—an evolution of the dream that began 20 years ago.

Future Sips

For those wondering what this means for Sheldon Wines—I will continue my consulting role with numerous Californian vineyards and wineries. You'll still find me in Santa Rosa now and then, and perhaps we could even toast our new releases at an open house once the Canadian project is cruising smoothly. The Sippy Wine club will continue until the 2022's are released and gone.

On the Wine Rack

Currently, our website showcases the newly released 2021 Grenache and 2021 Red Blend. The 2022 Rosé of Tempranillo-Graciano has made a quiet debut as well, perfect for immediate enjoyment (especially for our California friends who can get next-day delivery via GLS). Come fall, look out for the 2003 and 2009 Tawny Ports—just in time to make your Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations even more memorable.

That's the latest pour from our world to yours. Thanks for being part of our ever-evolving wine journey.

Cheers to new beginnings and many more years of fine wine!

All the best,

Dylan Sheldon & Tobe and Baloo too

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