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Dear Friends,

Spring is here and with it exciting new adventures are just around the corner! After six years at our current location we are packing up the cellar and moving our operation to the north side of Santa Rosa. We will be joining winemaking forces with a good friend, and continue to make our own wines, as well as for a host of custom crush clients.

I want to speak honestly about this journey, because all to often newsletters gloss over the reality of life. It was almost two years ago when it became apparent that Tobe and I needed to do something different. The 11 years of out of state sales trips, endless hours spent driving across California for marketing support, and the day to day full time job of running a business had begun to take a major toll on us.

I knew I couldn't step away from making wine. It gives me so much joy that I can't imagine a world without fermentation. Every vintage is like being a kid the first day you learn how to ride a bike, there is an excitement of discovery and endless possibility that seems to reach you on a cellular level. But the business was grinding me down, beginning to make me jaded about this career I love. So we took stock of what we wanted to achieve, and set this new ride in motion.

We have been slowly cutting down our productions, no longer concerned with supplying out of state distribution, or working with a broker for California. We are focusing all our energies on making the most unique and inspired wines I can conjure, and we will soon be capping our wine club. While we've always been a "micro-winery" I am taking that concept to a whole new level. Our production moving forward will be one or two barrel productions... yep, only 25 to 50 cases of each wine.

When I made my first vintage of wine, I visualized every bottle as a soldier marching out into the world, to make one meal a little better, one gathering of friends and family a touch more memorable. I've said it many times and believe it to be true, that most of the problems in this world could be solved by sitting down to discussion over a home cooked meal and a good bottle of wine.

At the farewell party in our tasting room, a couple who had driven quite a distance to be there made it a point to stay until I was free. To tell me how each one of the wines they opened was a special experience, one that brought happiness to their life. They said this with so much heartfelt sincerity, that it really choked me up. I am rarely found lacking for words but they pretty much left me speechless. All I could say was thank you. And to every one of you that has been part of this amazing journey I say this to you as well. Thank you for being a part of this, and believe me, the best is yet to come.


Dylan Sheldon

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